Saturday, February 25, 2012

PowerOfTheShell Latest News

Version 1.3 is now released and can be found in the download section.
It adds support for PC Monitor API 3.0 and Input controls.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Please report back here or in the forum if you experiance any issues with the plugin.


Hi all,

I have been busy this month. :)

I released version 1.1 the 16/2 that supports Impersonation from another user. These settings is controled from within PC Monitor in their new feature in 2.9.1 that allows plug-in configuration.

I have had some great feedback from users.

Some of the feedback was more information if something goes wrong either in the XMLconfiguration or the scripts themselves.

Also to have the possibility of having subpages below subpages to create a nested view. A one click menu, with a lot of features below.

So today 25/2 I have released version 1.2.

Can be found here under the download page and of course on the forum of PC Monitor.

·   It now supports nested pages in the menu layout, please see documentation in the zip for more information on how to use this.

·   More information in log(trace) and on the clients themselves if the plugin is having an issue with e.g XML config or scripts.

The package contains like previously config examples,but also now a script_pack is included with a pre-configured XML file ready to use all of them.
The XML file uses the nested layout to gather everything in one place, looks great.
Please have a look at the (readme-first) before you get started with this,

I could not have provided you this complete example, without all the help from digbyp.Thanks a lot for using my plugin.

Please, if you have any ideas to useful scripts or already uses some that we haven’t added yet, please submit them and I will add them in the next package.


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  1. Currently it seems it runs under the system account despite the fact that i am running the powershell impersonation in PC Monitor. Is there a way to force impersonation?