Sunday, February 5, 2012

PowerOfTheShell 1.3

This is my first plugin for PC Monitor (PC Monitor By MMSOFT Desgin ltd)

The plugin is all about PowerShell, that’s why I have decided to call it “PowerOfTheShell”

This plugin is for all those of you that want to run PowerShell script while you are on the go and get the results immediately from within PCM directly on your device.
It’s designed towards users like operations, having to run daily scripts or on-duty staff needing to run debug scripts away from their computers.       

Main features are:
  • The menu of PowerOfTheShell including subpages with script commands is easy to configure through an simple layout found in a config XML file.
  • Run any PowerShell script 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and have the result(s) shown in PCM.
  • Supports WINRM scripts, Execute remote commands on several machines/servers and have the results in one place.
  • Last retrieved results including Date and time is always available while PCM is running.
  • Select max results to be shown. Good if your script returns a lot of results and you want to control amount visible.
  • Information about script status Idle/Running.
  • Configure plugin impersonation settings from within PC Monitor Manager.
  • Support for nested pages.
  • Support for PC Monitor API 3.0 Input Controls.

Hope this can be interesting to some. The possibilities is endless if you can script it ;)
I have already tested and run a lot of my daily scripts I use e.g NTBackup, Antivirus check, Storage info, MSSQL stats, etc etc. Below is some sample pictures.

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